SharePoint Services

SharePoint Services

SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint is a Web Application Platform for different enterprise, organizations & inventors to share, collaborate and retrieve data & information from different systems in an efficient manner. SharePoint makes data, document & information viewing and interacting experience very easy. SharePoint is highly secured and efficient application that allows to share data across different units of organization or between two different organization. SharePoint provides a unified platform that enables people to stay connected, find and share information and work together seamlessly without boundaries.

In Webtual we have Microsoft Certified SharePoint Professionals, who are experienced experts in SharePoint overall implementation. They provide one-stop solution for all your organization SharePoint needs. we have dedicated Microsoft Center of Excellence, where our developers design, develop and deliver all your queries. Our developers have expertise in integrating SharePoint with other Enterprise Solution. We build sophisticated and scalable application in shorter turn-around time with help of different CMS frameworks. In Webtual we helps an organization inside out with their data, development to deploy their SharePoint exercises.

SharePoint Consulting

SharePoint is a multifaced platform application. Regardless of multiple features & functionalities of SharePoint, any organization should choose best suited features, which are highly applicable to them.

Our SharePoint expert will help you to craft an overall environment which will be exclusively designed for your organization. Our SharePoint consultants are always available to assist you at any stage of a SharePoint solution’s planning, implementation or tuning to make it effective and widely adopted by employees.

SharePoint Setup

To make the most from your SharePoint investment, Webtual has service called SharePoint Setup. Our Microsoft Certified Professional will study your business philosophy and accordingly help you to configure all your business needs to SharePoint. It will push your business profitability as well as employee productivity to the next level.

Our professional has hands-on experience in customizing and building SharePoint for thousands of different enterprises and organizations. We provides customized SharePoint features, which will highly optimize your business performance.

SharePoint Development

We have years of experience in developing SharePoint Applications. Our designers and developers are well versed with all the SharePoint features and functionalities knowledge and development. They have experience with all the versions of SharePoint since its birth.

Webtual development team will understand your organization needs and help you to develop ready-to-go Microsoft SharePoint solutions. We help to deliver SharePoint applications with strategic platform for enterprise document management, content management, search configuration and optimization, data presentation and workflow integration. Our developers and designers provide services right from accurate business analysis, requirement study & planning, architecture design, implementation and deployment.

SharePoint Migration

We have experience of working with SharePoint right from its origin. Though, all our SharePoint Professionals are well-versed with detailed functions and features of all the versions of SharePoint. Webtual offers end-to-end solution for migrating SharePoint 2019 from SP2010, SP2013, SP2016 to ensure that your business function isn’t dormant with legacy solutions.

In Webtual we firmly believes and understands the complexities of a migration process and it is not just a shift of information and files but an exquisite opportunity to transform an enterprise to a next level. All our dedicated experts of SharePoint will understand your business philosophy and migrate your system with latest trends and technology advancements that will not only smooth your business process, but it will also give an enduring experience to all your employees.

SharePoint Customization

SharePoint has may features and functionalities which are available for different business as per their requirements. Sometimes, it may lead to lengthy or inappropriate process for an organization to configure or use all the SharePoint services.

We offers exclusive service to all the organization and enterprise to customize their SharePoint Application according their business process and standard. Appropriate customization can improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of your organization. Not only that, it can yield many benefits for your organization’s day to day processes. Our developers will help & guide you on, before and after your SharePoint customization.

SharePoint Support

Let us takes care of your SharePoint while you focus on your core business. We have rich experience of providing support to hundreds of clients in different countries and continents.

We have dedicated team to provide dynamic and smooth support to every of our clients. For any queries, our support engineer will assess your whole SharePoint system and deep test it. After all the satisfactory quality assurance, they will provide you the system again. It will lead towards less complaint and round-the-clock operation.

SharePoint Training

Webtual not only provides consultant or customization services for SharePoint but we also provide SharePoint Training to all our clients. We have specially designed training structure and course for every of our clients and their employees.

Our SharePoint Professional will assist you to understand the platform, how to adopt it easily, as well as how to use and manage all the services and functions smartly. Along with that, we trainers are highly trained about how to train other. We have dedicated designed training sessions for all SharePoint users and platforms. We delivers training for customized as well as general SharePoint application usage and how to troubleshoot in case of emergency.

SharePoint Managed Services

Webtual is successfully delivering comprehensive SharePoint experience in efficient and cost-effective way. Our Microsoft Professionals are expert in any of the SharePoint version and environment whether it’s on Cloud, on-premise or hybrid. Webtual provides SharePoint services as per client’s requirements and business needs. Our experts will analysis your business flow and try to connect the, with current technology trend and they will suggest you the best suited managed service solution.

For any organization, SharePoint Managed Service is advisable because it can increase business productivity, cost-effectiveness of individual service professionals, timely updates of your applications, better security & compliance tools with proper monitoring of overall system.

SharePoint Services

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